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Å, spesso indicato come Å i Lofoten per distinguerlo da altri luoghi chiamati ugualmente Å, è un villaggio nella municipalità di Moskenes, alle Lofoten, Norvegia.Il suo nome significa in norvegese piccolo fiume, ma riveste anche un altro, doppio, significato: è sia l'ultima lettera dell'alfabeto norvegese che l'ultima città delle Lofoten raggiungibile seguendo la Strada Europea E10, oggi chiamata in quel punto Strada di Re Olav.Å è per tradizione un villaggio di pescatori specializzati in pesca dello stoccafisso. La città ospita il Museo dello stoccafisso delle Lofoten ed il Museo norvegese dei villaggi di pescatori.Collegamenti Collegamenti The Lofoten Stockfish Museum The Norwegian Fishing Village Museum

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I Hate Going Back To School After A Holiday
My name is Katie. I am so popular yay. See Matthew? I'm cool.

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凹 Å
凹音樂企劃 表演、婚禮、尾牙、春酒、家庭日、各式活動 凹樂團、各類樂器的客製化表演 歡迎私訊 或 email: weiyi624k@gmail.com

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Alejandro Sanz

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ṨtåtûṨ DẐツ

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AB de Villiers

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A Bug's Life
Ladies and gentlebugs, welcome to the official A Bug's Life page on Facebook, your destination for images, clips, and more from Pixar's A Bug's Life. We're glad you're here! This page is a place for Disney•Pixar fans. However, there are certain rules. Please be aware that Disney•Pixar does not accept or consider unsolicited idea submissions, and reserves the right to remove any posting or other material found to be off topic, inappropriate, or objectionable.

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ĶśÅ Ďŕìfț
Alphabetic advice for you: A B C Avoid Boring Company.. D E F Don’t Entertain Fools.. G H I Go for High Ideas . J K L M Just Keep a friend like ME.. N O P Never Overlook the Poor n suffering.. Q R S Quit Reacting to Silly tales.. T U V Tune Urself for ur Victory.. W X Y Z We Xpect You to Zoom ahead in life

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Ajudar o povo de humanas  a fazer miçanga
Nós somos dois estudantes de humanas, Nikki Vargas, que ja cursou umas oito faculdades a procura de seu eu interior e terminou que não o encontrou. E Matheus Winck, estudante de filosofia do desemprego. Insta: https://www.instagram.com/povodehumanxs/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/povodehumanxs Tumblr: https://povodehumanxs.tumblr.com/ Contato: oficial.povodehumanas@gmail.com Site: http://www.ajudaropovodehumanasafazermicanga.com/

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Å i Lofoten
Å is a village in the municipality of Moskenes in Nordland county, Norway. It is located towards the southern end of the Lofoten archipelago. In this village end road E10. It is connected to the rest of the archipelago by the European route E10 highway. This part of the highway is also called King Olav's Road.Until the 1990s, Å was mainly a small fishing village specializing in stockfish, but since then tourism has taken over as the main economic activity. The town features the Lofoten Stockfish Museum and the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum as two big tourist attractions. In May 2004, Å became the starting point of a cycling trip from A to B (with B represented by Bee, Nebraska).NameThe village is first mentioned in 1567 . The name is from Old Norse á which means " river". The name was spelled Aa until 1917 when the Norwegian language reform changed the letter aa to å. The village is sometimes referred to as Å i Lofoten to distinguish it from other places named Å .

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A Happy Pet
We offer daily dog walks, crate-less boarding, doggy daycare, dog park trips and dog beach trips as well as in home pet care. Our area of service stretches from Chicago to Antioch Illinois. Home of the $10 daily dog walks!

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ÅMbéř's Diary

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