女人的璀璨 從E.A開始 E.A造型概念店* 美髮設計& 專業彩妝& 新娘秘書 愛新娘 從時尚美學到彩妝的嚴格標準,讓妳呈現極致完美的妝容及風格獨特的造型設計。彩妝的純淨度及造型完美度,取決於面對每一位各戶的用心、細心、關心。我們的任務就是在人生最重要的時刻呈現女人最完美的一刻。技巧不難,重要的是細心觀察每一位顧客的臉部線條,找出適合的彩妝方式,我們想要強調的是流行是一種生活建議,而不是僵硬的指令,相信我們E.A造型團隊會做得更好!為妳打造妳自己的個人風格造型,讓E.A造型團隊為妳服務出自己的難忘故事。由專業打造屬於妳的美麗,找回妳的自信。E.A造型團隊,以時尚美學。彩妝的嚴格標準呈現極緻完美的妝容及風格獨特的造型設計;E.A造型團隊,彩妝的純淨度及造型的完美度取決於面對每一位客戶的用心,細心和關心;E.A造型團隊的任務就是要在人生中最重要的時刻呈現女人最完美的一刻,我們都會說這些技巧不難,但做重要的是細心觀察每一位顧客的臉部線條,找出適合的彩妝方式,我們想要強調的是,流行是一種生活建議,而不是僵硬的指令,相信我們,EA造型團隊會做得更好。相信E.A團隊為你設計出屬 於你的氣質造型!就讓E.A造型團隊為你服務讓自己有個最難忘的故事吧~

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Miss Earth
After establishing a track record in mounting world-class beauty pageants over the last decade, Carousel Productions Inc. decided to reinvent and improve the concept of beauty competitions for the new millennium. Because many people admire and aspire to be a beauty queen, Carousel Productions, Inc. believed beauty queens would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes. To give life to this vision, Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched in 2001 the MISS EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d'etre was to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth. Apart from a strong emphasis on environmental protection programs, MISS EARTH also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations. Every year, 80 to 90 candidates from all over the world compete on beauty and knowledge of environmental issues.

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A Planta é a cura
A Cannabis pode ser usada na cura de varias doenças

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Eat Banana Cafe 吃蕉巴
We serve the best HEALTHY food in town. We wish that you will enjoy whole foods in their most natural state. Besides, we also provide nicely cooked main course for everyone too~!

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