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En Query tendrás un espacio para mostrar tus capacidades laborales a los empleadores. Crea tu perfil, muestra tus habilidades, consigue los mejores trabajos. Así de simple es Query.

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We are a concern of consulting associates with the primary objective of enhancing business opportunities for our clients by delivering sound consultancy services to evaluate commercial potentials of ideas, services, products, concepts and ventures. From outlining commercial strategy to execution and assessment of current product performance and future potential, we are here to help. We assist our clients to realize the real scenario, to understand and track their businesses through a sound research process, which significantly facilitate critical decision making for our clients. We ambitiously aim to assist our clients to successfully manage their organization by creating value for their businesses, employees and shareholders.

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The Most Innovative Education Services - IT'S NEVER TOO LATE #SQTOTHERESCUE

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Mylen Quéry

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The Query Podcast
The QUERY Podcast explores a connection developed between two women of different races, who met as students in a psychology of diversity course, at Harvard. With combined education and experience in psychology, philosophy, mental-emotional-spiritual wellness, coaching and facilitation—Manaz and Melinda lean into authentic, uncomfortable conversations about race, privilege and interpersonal relationships—through a lens of curiosity

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JQuery Training
http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk/programming-training/jquery-training/ jQuery is the most popular Javascript library and Silicon Beach Training offer a 3 day jQuery Training course.

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Query The Number

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JQuery Plugins
One of the BEST jQuery websites that provide web designers and developers with a simple way to preview and download a variety of Free jQuery Plugins.

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QueryHome is a Knowledge Sharing Platform, which supports multiple subject-agnostic verticals. This Q&A-driven Knowledge-sharing engine makes it an effective platform environment for users in their quest for their respective solutions. The rich social functions and capabilities allow users to follow subjects and users of their specific interest(s) and subject matter - an effective way to selectively share knowledge and follow users.

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Query & Schultz

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Tasty Query

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The long story about a man who code.

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Guía turística para viajeros locales, nacionales e internacionales y publicidad para Empresas y Profesionales, de manera rápida, sencilla y segura.

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The Query

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ENHANCING ACCESS TO JUSTICE THROUGH LAWQUERY Have you found yourself being accused of not following a law you didn’t even know existed? Have you felt that someone is violating the law but you can’t confirm which law? Have you paid a fine because of not complying with some laws you didn’t know exist? Do you feel stuck on where to get help when your rights are violated? Many Kenyans are ignorant of the law and find themselves on the wrong side of the Law. Further, many Kenyans are not aware of their rights and where to enforce their rights or get protection. Activities in Kenya are well regulated by law and all sectors are subject to various laws. Many people are unaware of compliance requirements hence are carrying out illegal activities and will be subject to penalties and sanctions by the necessary authorities. Further many people rush to court when there are many Tribunals and other quasi judicial forums where disputes can be resolved. This causes undue backlog on our judicial system and waste of funds during prosecution or as penalties. The founders of Law query Limited have come up with a solution to enhance access to information on Kenyan laws. Law Query Limited is a social enterprise and the creator of www.lawquery.co.ke a legal information portal and Law Query Kenya a mobile app available on Play store. We provide summarized easy to use version of the Laws of Kenya highlighting the scope of the Act, enforcement agencies, relevant compliance requirement, and where to get redress or justice. Law query website links users to relevant agencies and parties to provide legal help. The portal also links the user to the agencies that provide legal redress. Our website currently has information on over 40 pieces of Law e.g. Land, marriage, business registration, education and employment to name a few. We have a research team that updates information on about 7 laws every week. We also provide legal commentary and information on topical legal issues that arise in Kenya. From Law Query website you can search on a legal issue and the relevant legal requirements are provided. Further we give links and contacts of necessary agencies and Government entities that can provide legal help e.g. Law Society of Kenya , FIDA, Independent Police Oversight Authority, Commission on Administration of Justice ,Judiciary to name a few. All services are free. Law query has a vision to provide all necessary information on Kenyan Laws to allow a mwanainchi to access justice a

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Tech To Query

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Australian Query
Covers animations, CGI and modeling creation share and promoted by ausqurry.com

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Lenovo A7000 Query Center

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Debt collection & legal Query
شركة إكسبشن هي أولى الشركات الرائدة في عدة مجالات تحصيل الأموال و المديونيات،حلول لكافة المنازعات البنكية،الاستعلام عن البائع قبل الشراء

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Queers Query Gayism
Deepening gayism; understanding homosexuality; and expiating related trepidation. Being proudly pride

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